HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) System

Modair commits to bring comfort to everyone by designing best suitable HVAC system to our clients. From medium to large industrial building, office building, low rise to high rise building. Our highly qualified and trained design engineers will bring the best possible design based on our clients' needs and budgetary requirements.

Water Supply / Drain and Sanitary System

Water distribution is one of the backbones of any successful enterprise. Exact detailing and engineering are required to lay down piping works that will effectively improve business operations. Sanitary system is essential in promoting health through prevention of human contact with the hazards of waste as well as the treatment and proper disposal of sewage wastewater.

Industrial Piping System

Modair has extensive experience in providing clients with various industrial piping. Whether it is air, water or gas, our company can design & build piping system needed for industrial purpose.

Fire Protection System

Fire protection system is important in mitigating the unwanted effects of potentially destructive fires. Saving lives and property is our company's priority. Designing this system involves compartmentalization and suppression of fire and its related emergencies.

Dust Removal / Collecting Equipment

Dust collection is necessary in making sure that employees and workers are safe from over exposure to dust particles. It’s also a way to maintain production of highly critical products that need less to none dust contamination.

Operation and Maintenance

Modair also handles the operation and maintenance of industrial plants including pipe works, water distribution, sewage facilities, air conditioning ductworks among others.

Lighting System

Depending on clients' needs and budgetary requirements, Modair designs and install lighting. We cater to wide range of industries in terms of lighting designs such as light level calculation, fixture lay out, fixture specifications for offices, hospitals, factories, street and roadway, athletic and ball field, clean room and others. We make sure that the designs for these lightings comply with recent PEC and industry standards.

Fire Detection and Alarm System

Design and installation of fire detectors and alarm system for office and factory use are also part of Modair’s wide array of offered services. We design to fit the needs of the clients such as alarm system divided every zone and floor of the building, alarm system for security purpose such as burglar alarm system, fire detection for special areas such as industrial clean room and fire detection with control room.

Industrial Electrical Supply System

Modair designs control systems for different industries and also provides programming and wiring works of wide

range for Installation of different instrument such as sensors to provide accurate operation, Installation of Back-up Power Units for uninterrupted operation and Programming for Control Systems.

Auxiliary Works

The company designs and installs LAN and Telephone connections to be used for different purposes. We design simple communication line for office use and also communication line for factories and other industries. The scope of works includes telephone in offices, Wi-Fi router, LAN connection in computers, security system such as CCTV camera and door access, bulgar system, vehicle traffic system, MATV & CATV system (Master Antenna Television & Community Antenna Television), public address (PA) & background music (BGM) system and master clock system.

Chemical Waste Treatment System

Disposing chemicals in our environment can be hazardous not only to our environment but also to people living in it. We treat chemical waste to comply with different environmental standards for its safe disposal.

Electrical Power Plant System

The company has engaged in several projects that involve harnessing sustainable energy across Asia and the Pacific. These alternative energy resources provide electricity to power up industries within the Philippine electric grid.

Clean Room System

Modair's reputation in building numerous facilities that employ clean room system is what makes the company distinct for more than 20 years in service. This reputation allows the company to build compliant and effective systems according to specific building requirements.

Water Treatment System

Modair provides clean water resource engineering services to commercial, industrial, and private clients. These services include planning, management, design, analysis, and permitting services to maintain an effective water treatment system. With more than 2 decades of competent design and construction management and operational assistance services, our engineers and staff are the best people to handle quality and efficient works.

Waste Water / Sewer Treatment Plant Engineering

With over 20 years of expertise, Modair has effectively designed several waste water / sewer treatment facilities across the country and overseas. These satisfied clients made the company’s excellence beyond par in the field of waste water treatment design solutions and design services to meet demands and requirements of respective industries.

DCS / Energy Management

In achieving the company’s goal of employing green technology, Modair has engaged in building systems that promote energy saving, power management, energy solutions and carbon emissions reduction. District Cooling System takes advantage of economies of scale – it is more economical and efficient and it provides efficient and cost-effective energy.

Solar Power System

In light of our advocacy for green energy, Modair is engaged with the development of one of the most efficient renewable energy resources in the country - Solar Power. With its growing popularity and commercialization, Modair seeks to find the most suitable Solar Power System to match both energy and budgetary requirements of our clients.

Biomass Energy System

Philippines, being an agricultural country, fosters a land area of 30 million hectares at which 47 percent is agricultural. Among the crops grown include rice, coconut, and sugarcane. Rice husks, coconut shells, wood chips, and other food and non-food crops are major contributors to Biomass Energy Resources. Modair is keen in partnering with clients who seek to take advantage of this abundant alternative energy source.

Geothermal Generation System

Worldwide, Philippines ranks second as the largest geothermal energy producer following the United States.

Philippines is located in the Western part of the Pacific Rim – known to be a weak belt of the earth’s crust. Harnessing hot steam is more likely to occur in weaker parts of the crust of the earth. With the country's strategic location, many of these geothermic natural resources are still waiting to “be harnessed for steam”.

Hydroelectric Power (Small Hydro) System

Hydropower is currently produced in 150 countries, at which 32% of global hydropower generated in 2010 came from Asia-Pacific region. Modair is currently engaged in developing small hydroelectric power plants (generation capacity of up to 10MW) and also larger capacity plants depending on the clients’ requirements.

Wind Power Generation System

The Philippines' wind energy sector has significant potential and could possibly provide up to 76GW of power. Wind power is a viable source of alternative energy as it is abundant, clean, widely distributed, produces no greenhouse gas emissions during operations and utilizes small fraction of land.

DCS (District Cooling System) is a system to produce and distribute chilled water for air-conditioning. Generally, all buildings need their own thermal source (chiller) under individual thermal source system, however, the buildings covered by DCS do not need such plant; One centralized efficient DCS plant can deliver chilled water to offices, retails, and residential.

Advantages of DCS


DCS equipment can be designed to backup each other since all important equipment are integrated in a system.

Increasing Gross Leasable Area

DCS can reduce machine room space in each building. This released space can be used for more valuable purpose. Chimneys and cooling towers are also centralized, therefore, aesthetic aspect is also improved.

Cost / Energy Efficiency

In most cases, DCS is more efficient than ordinary system since DCS has economics-of-scale. Initial investments and maintenance cost would also decrease. It is not reasonable to have much similar equipment in all buildings and maintain them.

Ease of Operation and Maintenance

Centralized DCS allows developers proper maintenance and monitoring at less cost. In addition, safety concerns can be mitigated, as buildings do not need to be equipped with potentially dangerous facilities or materials, such as generators or fuel tank.

Contribution to the Global Environment

DCS helps the environment not only by reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon dioxide (CO2), but also isolate noise vibrations from office, retail and residential.

Profit Opportunity from DCS Business

In many countries, DCS plant is operated as a business. Developers may establish a new separated entity to own and operate DCS, and sell chilled water to other building owners or tenants. If the DCS is efficient enough, the developer can enjoy some profit from this DCS business.

Disaster Prevention

DES has a role of “an emergency security facility” and “a supply of electricity for the utilities”. The water storage in a thermal tank and rainwater tank can be used for fire fighting and for domestic use.

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